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Frequently Asked Questions

ARterra Labs is focused on the Esports and Gaming Content Creation Community. We are hyper-focused on providing the best fan engagement possible for this fan base.

No! Digital Collectibles are able to be earned by attending events, watching streams, and other methods that are through engaging. Some creators will pop a QR code linked to a collectible that’s only going to show up on their stream!

Digital Collectibles issued with our tools provide fans with access, discounts, and a whole lot more ways to engage deeper with their favorite Esports Organizations and Content Creators.

There are two ways to buy ARterra collectibles. Some teams or creators will have their marketplace on their website where fans can find collectibles. Or you can go to the ARterra’s Marketplace that acts as an aggregate of all things built and distributed through our tools.

Ownership is recorded on the blockchain. This means that each collectible is completely immutable and unable to be tampered with.

Being environmentally conscious is VERY important to us. Our technology is built on the NEAR Protocol, a certified Climate-Neutral blockchain. With us, you are using more electricity to send emails than you are to create and trade Digital Collectibles.