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ARterra Labs x LDN UTD Partnership


ARterra Labs x LDN UTD Partnership

Posted by: Jon Werthen | July 19, 2022

July 19, 2022

ARterra Labs is proud to announce a partnership with LDN UTD, a purpose-driven organization that uses gaming and esports to address social issues, based in the heart of Camden Town in London, United Kingdom. The partnership will see ARterra Labs collaborate with LDN UTD to provide digital collectibles that serve to enhance fan engagement, educate fans on the technology, and add value to LDN UTD’s community wherever they are – in stream, online, and at the Camden Centre of Excellence. 

Together, our goal is to boost fan engagement in an innovative way that rewards the most passionate fans of LDN UTD, as well as LDN UTD’s content creators who will also have the option to get intrinsically involved. Separately the community will have opportunities to create their own designs whereby the collectibles will relate to LDN UTD events, whether physical or online and a future loyalty scheme.

Oliver Weingarten, CEO, LDN UTD: “Fan engagement is at the core of LDN UTD. We try to provide our community with innovative offerings and values, whilst aligning with organisations that align with our ethos and values. From my first meeting with ARterra it was evident they have the right mindset, understand the ecosystem, and want to collaborate with us to provide the community with a unique Web3 offering. I’m excited to get started”.

Jon Werthen, COO, ARterra Labs: “We are thrilled to join LDN UTD as they grow their presence in the esports community, both in London and abroad. From their focus on path-to-pro to community initiatives and their focus on building authentic relationships with their fans, we knew from the get-go that this would be an excellent partner. We look forward to working together with LDN UTD to engage and innovate alongside their community”.



LDN UTD unites professional esports and grassroots gaming with a healthy lifestyle and social issues. We have previously held campaigns addressing racism and diversity, knife crime, nutrition, mental and physical health, and education, partnering with stakeholders including the Mayor of London, and the Rio Ferdinand Foundation. Our verticals provide opportunity and accessibility for grassroots gamers to represent LDN UTD as well as working with the community to showcase esports can be a force for good. Our UTD EDN (education) initiative increases opportunities for young talent to develop the necessary skills to enter and work in our sector, and participants undertake a mix of workshop-based learning and work experience in our purpose-driven Centre Of Excellence in Camden, London.

LDN UTD website –

About ARterra Labs

ARterra Labs is a web3 fan engagement tool provider focused on Esports and gaming content creation. Our mission is simple: provide tools to increase engagement, become easily discovered, and create new revenue opportunities. Built on the NEAR Protocol, ARterra is a completely carbon-neutral platform. ARterra’s suite of tools takes the complex “blockchain” aspects out of the platform. Fans interacting with our tools are exposed to an interface that is as simple as using other gaming platforms. At ARterra Labs, we put the fan first, and empower creators to have a deeper relationship than ever before.

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