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ARterra Labs x Hover Partnership


ARterra Labs x Hover Partnership

Posted by: Admin | July 11, 2022


Over the past month – ARterra Labs has been working with Hover to activate their viewing audience during their weekly tournaments. These fun tournaments determine the greatest gaming fail clips of the week, Oreo eating challenges, and MUCH more!

Hover’s goal was to find a way to be more interactive with the audience and make the participation more engaged. Hover launched a set of free-to-claim collectibles to “prove” their attendance at the show. Viewers who claimed one of the 50 free collectibles were then automatically entered into various giveaways from the ARterra Labs team as another added reward!

What happened?

Fans love the added value of claiming something on stream that has the potential to reward them for their participation. For once, active participation during a livestream can result in instant rewards. Our data shows that the first free claim we released had over a 20% click-through rate (CTR). This is about 15x the industry standard!

We got to see the true fan reaction to the follow-up events that did not include collectibles. In chat, viewers were asking where the collectibles were to claim for that collectible and expressed disappointment when we did not make them available! It was amazing to watch people take their passive viewership into something more active and alive.

On top of this, we saw users from other communities get involved with Hover after seeing the activations on the main ARterra Marketplace. This cross-pollination of community is a direct result of having a verticalized platform that is hyper-focused on the esports and gaming content creation industries.

“We used ARterra recently during a joint giveaway, during the event we had users claim their free entries via the ARterra Twitch Overlay. We did this over multiple streams, with unique collectibles for each stream – the more they collected the more chances they had! We found that during this activation our community were more active in the chat, not wanting to miss the latest drop from the bot! Equally, when the event had finished we had users asking about it after!”
~ James Purell (Chief Operating Officer, Hover)

Where are we headed next?

This is where the fun starts. Due to our ability to show that the audience is very exciting about the idea of collecting and owning their fandom, we are able to unlock completely new vehicles for monetization in the industry. The best part? Unlike current methods, it does not hurt the user experience in any way.

New methods:

  • Co-branded sponsorship proof-of-attendance collectibles
  • “Buy-in” slots for higher prize pool tournaments
  • Gamified sponsor activations through collectibles
  • Own collectibles for special access to Discord channels, exclusive emotes, and more


Lastly, we want to say a big thank you to the entire Hover community for being so welcoming of us and willing to try out new things. Your feedback is invaluable and will allow us to keep building a product that is all about building value for fans. Your voices will always be heard by our team and we are looking forward to listening, learning, and executing the suggestions and ideas you bring to the platform.

The community is what makes this so special. With that said, get signed up for the platform so you can be included in upcoming releases and activations! Also, please make sure to follow our social media and join our Discord Channel. Our team is extremely active and looks forward to talking about all things fan engagement with you!

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