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We strive to give teams, organizations, and players the best fan experiences with the lowest friction to maximize value for all.

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Empower & Grow Your Fanbase

Empower & Grow Your Fanbase

ARterra is the platform for sports franchises, eSports teams, players, and streamers to: Engage Fans and create New Revenue Opportunities.

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Our Features

A list of features currently being built with more to come...

No-Loss Markets

Users can create markets on anything and never lose.

Twitch Extension

Streamers can initiate digital collectibles and other experiences right from the Twitch Panel to engage fans in a more dynamic way.

Digital Collectibles

Custom collectibles can be issued to reward fans, unlock experiences, and allow users to trade in a peer-to-peer marketplace.


Our platform easily integrates into existing app framework.

Ready to Level Up Your Engagement?

Ready to Level Up Your Engagement?

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ARterra is an AI-powered system created to help manage engagement between networks of people through aggregation of data collections and dynamic incentivizing methods.