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We strive to give teams, organizations, and players the best fan experiences with the lowest friction to maximize value for all.

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Empower & Grow Your Fanbase

Empower & Grow Your Fanbase

ARterra is the platform for sports franchises, Esports teams, players, and streamers to: Engage Fans and create New Revenue Opportunities.

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Our Features

A list of features currently being built with more to come...

Digital Collectibles™

Custom digital collectibles™ can be issued to reward fans, unlock experiences, and allow users to trade in a peer-to-peer marketplace.

Prediction Contests

Users can create competitive events on anything and never lose. Using challenges with ARterra tools creates competitive contests within your audience, allows for digital rewards, gifts and incentives that promote and inspire any audience.

Social Extensions

Streamers can initiate digital collectibles™ and other experiences right from multiple social media networks through extensions that provide ARterra Tools on a panel within other social platforms like Twitch, Facebook Live, YouTube, Instagram, & TikTok to engage fans in a more dynamic way.

Frameworks SDK

Our platform easily integrates into existing frameworks to expand your end user's experience directly from your app.

Ready to Level Up Your Engagement?

Ready to Level Up Your Engagement?

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ARterra is an AI-powered system created to automate engagement between networks of people through digital rewards, dynamic incentivizing and automation of activities and events.